The Facility

that has an automation technology and infrastructure system, which can be one of the best of Europe and Turkey, was built on a 32.000 M2 area and, in the facility; furniture dye and varnishes, industrial dye, thinner, hardener and alkyd resins are produced.

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1.Production Technology

Half-automation production system with integration of SAP system

2. R&D

Around 15 million TL R&D investment yearly together with Valresa

3. Turkey-Spain Cooperation

Goods and service cooperation with Spanish Valresa company since 2005

4. 40 Years of Experience

40 years of experience in the production of furniture and industrial dye.


Production Technology

Thanks to our production network that is thriving every day with investments to our factory following technological developments, production of our products with the same quality and standard is provided. Carefully and throughout examination of the products are done via our production system adapted to SAP system.

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R&D works are steps to success for İba Valresa Boya ve Kimya A.Ş. Our R&D and technical service departments are in close link with our customers throughout all stages from formula build-up to the application of dye. Built-up formulas are presented to customers after confirmed by test productions done in pilot units.
Ar-Ge ve teknik servis bölümlerimiz formül geliştirmeden boyanın uygulanmasına kadar geçen tüm aşamalarda müşterilerimiz ile yakın ilişki içindedir. Geliştirilen formüller pilot uygulama ünitelerinde yapılan test üretimleri ile doğrulanarak müşteri onayına sunulmaktadır.

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The Most Modern Dye Production
Facility of Europe and Turkey,

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