Internship (learn through working)

We provide students of our partner high schools with long-term and practically experimental internship.

We evaluate obligatory internship applications of students still studying at university and present them a qualified internship in the summer session.

As İbavalresa: within the internship programs of which being educative and skill-building is our aim, we should support our interns in that their preparing better to business world.

We always try to get better in improving ourselves in that our cooperation with universities for internship and education programs.

Applying via internal reference for us to evaluate obligatory internship demands is necessary.


Project Engineers

It is a project in which: university students that are at the last grade or currently postgraduate students are charged with projects that needs to be carried for some time, so that they can work as a Project Engineer for a length of time. With this project, we can both achieve our work goals and provide students who are successful in academy but no time to work full-time with working opportunity.

Also, our project engineers move ahead of their fellows when they apply for a job


Job Opportunities

We have various job opportunities, appropriate for their education and personal skills, for fresh graduates or professionals that wants to get experienced more in their business life. Employment process are done with accurate measurements when determining your knowledge, experience and skills and we aim at employing according to mutual needs and expectations.

As İbavalresa, what we see as the most important criterion in our existing employee’s self-development and in employment process, their skills determined fitting to the structure of our company.

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Applications done on internet will not be evaluated and be deleted under Law of Protecting Personal Data.

You can read our informative essay in the frame of Law of Protecting Personal Data.



After you are employed, via our orientation educations created appropriate for your field and personal skills, you are provided with an easy and fast adaptation period.

With the aim of continuous improvement, we monitor educational needs of our employees and personal skills of our every employee are supported with numerous projects.  Thereby, in İbavalresa, you are always equipped with improvement activities for enhancing your skills.

When you are employed in İbavalresa; you can improve yourself with the lights of science and technology, and get better in your career in a peaceful and warm workplace.

For this reason, we always desire to enlarge our family with employees who are responsible, willing to improve himself/herself and career with a high energy and motivation, and we also want to develop together.

Virtue and Morality Rules

We pay attention to employ people with the understanding of leadership, fairness, morality to achieve our goals. We are aware of the responsibility to each other and our customers that we should be attached to our morality rules.

We are guardians of our brands and their reputation, and we try our best to defend values they represent at the market. We achieve this goal by working as it should be and faithfully. As a part of this responsibility, we support establishing an open communication system without the fear of criticism and where we can exchange information.

Obeying to these value, behavior and rules is the responsibility of all of us. As employees of İbavalresa, we know we pay necessary attention to trueness and accountability, and we believe with all our hearts that we do our best to support each other and work according to transparency, trueness and morality.

We want to repeat that, part of every one of our employees is equal in the goal of making İbavalresa an ideal workplace, and also thank to all our employees for their attention and supports.


Every company was founded according to its basic values. Companies that achieve sustain and pass these values can continuously thrive and develop.

İbavalresa has also come to these days sustaining and passing these values.

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